Rug Repair

Aside from Oriental (Persian) rug cleaning, our company also specializes
in rug repair of various degrees.

Man repairing a rug

Deep Clean carefully analyzes the rug and determines if there is any work to be done. This is optional, and the customer can choose to do both repair work and cleaning or just cleaning.
We understand that rugs are a staple household item, and it is unfortunate when damage occurs. The most common types of damage include tears, damaged fringes, loose knots on the hems and insect damage. Our staff is trained to repair several types of damage and will work on the rug to ensure that it is both clean and looking as new as possible.

Rug Repair Service

Deep Clean provides a variety of different repair procedures. These include restoring a rug from major external damages such as fires and water leakage; we understand that in spite of doing your best to take care of a rug, homes are often unpredictable and accidents can occur. Likewise, we also focus more minor issues such as colour blotching, restoring the initial pattern and improving the appearance of faded patches. Moth damage is also very common, which is why our staff have been trained to restore the rug from the after-effects of a moth attack.

Sometimes full restoration is required if the rug has been worn out from various different external factors, whereby several repair procedures are combined to produce the best results.

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